4 Top Tricks You Need To Be Using
in Social Media

"4 Best Social Media Marketing Tricks You Need to Know "

Social media has now become an important part of marketing campaigns for businesses everywhere. It has matured far beyond being just a place to share content. So in order to succeed in your marketing activities, you need to do it right. Check out these tricks to help you find your feet in the digital community.

#1 Test Various Bidding Methods

Bid strategies help you get measurable business outcomes like increasing brand reach and sales. However, test these bidding methods first for you to figure out which method can help you reduce your cost per conversion while getting the volume you need.

To set up your bidding method, go to Optimization & Pricing then choose Ad Set Level and bid type. By using the conversion optimizer or bid per click, you can determine the maximum cost per click or your target cost per acquisition. You can actually let Facebook select a value for you, but this is riskier. Finally, set the pricing per ad.

#2 Use Your Email List to Create Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

To get started, create a txt or csv file. Take that file and click Audience then Create Audience. You can then choose Custom Audience. From there, click Customer List and then upload your email list. That’s just how easy it is. Do not forget that you can also upload a phone number list to target through your Facebook ads.

#3 Schedule Your Ads

You can specify certain hours or days of the week when you want your ads to show using Facebook and is very useful for saving time. However, this feature is only available if you choose lifetime budget. Lifetime budget is the total budget of your ad set that does not have a daily limit. Now, if you want to set up day/hour parting go to Budget and Schedule under Ad Set, then choose scheduling for your ad.

#4 Use Instagram to Increase Engagement

Instagram is now one of the fastest growing mobile apps and is said to have 15x the engagement that Facebook has. You can influence interaction on multiple channels by tweeting your Instagram links to your photos. But just like every other platform, running an effective campaign on Instagram is not quite as easy as it seems and there will always be challenges along the way. With persistency, however, the results can be very impressive.

There you have it. So, why wait any longer?

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